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The Brookfield Bakery was established in 1953 by Rex Cooke. In the 80’s Rex’s son Robert, and his wife Joanne, took over the business and they propelled the bakery to become a fixture in people's daily routine. Their children; Danica, Heidi and Mitchell, spent a lot of time around the bakery as their parents worked hard to expand it. Even with their busy schedules in Motocross, Horse riding, and kick boxing competitions, each one of the children found roles at the bakery over the years; but it was Heidi who became the third generation Cooke to keep up the tradition of operating the bakery. With the help of her mother, she has managed to find a niche in the ever changing market of people’s baking needs. They have stuck to what they do best; which is handmade, from scratch, baking. During her motocross career, Heidi was given the nickname "Hurricane Heidi". In 2007, they expanded beyond the bakery by adding Hurricane Heidi’s Cafe. The cafe features from scratch, homemade breakfasts and lunches featuring fresh items from the bakery. In 2012, Heidi and Mitchell joined forces to continue the expansion of the business, and opened Jimolly’s Bakery Cafe in downtown Truro. The binding ingredient in the bakery and cafes is they proudly make 90% of the food they serve, from scratch. The recipes used have been handed down, altered and perfected by the bakers over the years. The family hopes to continue to grow and expand, while always offering their customers a cozy down home feel when they arrive.

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